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All overhead is covered by our volunteers including the 2.2% charge for credit cards.

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$325 Annual scholarship for one Middle School student 

$500 Annual scholarship for one High School student  

$1,190 Annual scholarship for one University student

$1,500 Platinum Member and invitation to visit El Vaquero  

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Legacy link from donate page to Endowments and IRA giving: 

If you are over 70 ½ years old, the IRS mandates annual distributions “RMD” (Required Minimum Distributions) from your IRA resulting in higher state and federal income taxes.  Recent legislation allows you to donate any portion or all of your RMD to a charity directly reducing your taxable income.  Please see “What is a Qualified Charitable Distribution” by financial planner John O’Connor.  Build a Dream is a qualified charity under this Act.

How best to transfer assets to Charitable Organizations?

There are many investment, insurance, and estate planning techniques that can be harnessed to leave money or transfer assets to a charitable organization in a tax-efficient manner. Most charitably inclined people want to give, and they want to give to causes they are passionate about. Oftentimes, certain financial tools are not considered because someone may not be aware what is available to them.