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A Message, From The President

Last year, 2018, was a very special one for us as we celebrated our tenth anniversary of helping the students in El Vaquero, Mexico continue their education beyond 6th grade.  The results we are now seeing from helping these wonderful people are beyond anything I could have imagined in 2008.  A few years ago, as the result of our sending so many students to the closest city to attend high school, the government took notice and authorized a new high school co-located with our middle school.  In 2018 we had our first graduating class from that new high school and Build a Dream received very special recognition at a truly magical graduation ceremony.  Three years ago, we started serving breakfast at the school as too many were arriving hungry and occasionally fainting because of that hunger.  That is no more.

What has happened with those 1st students we helped?  Three have now graduated from college and have full time jobs as well as now helping others in their community.  All five of our new high school graduates are going on to college, two to be nurses, two engineers and one teacher.  We now have a total of twelve students in college.   How many charities not only feed children but help raise them out of poverty enabling them to feed themselves, all the while guaranteeing that 100% of donations actually go to help those families?  All overhead costs are covered by our staff and volunteers. Thank you and God bless you my friends!  Your loving contributions are truly changing lives and making dreams come true!


Grace, peace & love,


Wayne Prindiville

President, Build a Dream