Build A Dream

"An investment in knowledge pays the best interest." 

Ben Franklin

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Top School in Mexico! 

Our hope and prayer is that through education the students of El Vaquero will rise out of poverty and return to help others in their community as you have helped them. They are taught outstanding teachers who could teach elsewhere for more money but feel they are “called to teach where the need is the greatest.” And teach they do with love and discipline this school has scored #1 in their state in academics for over 10 years in a row and twice they have been 1st in the entire country of Mexico out of over 33,000 schools!


Where is El Vaquero?


Main Events


February 2019, Students build sidewalk at middle school.  All labor by students, there is no maintenance staff or even custodians at school.  Students are responsible for everything.

These kids really know how to work, including the girls bringing heavy supplies.


January 2019, First Home water harvesting tank is built, funded by Carpentersville, IL Rotary Club. Roof water is collected to provide drinking water to the family.


In 2018, one of our college students, Jesica, teaches local families how to grow vegetables in the dessert.  She builds a screen enclosure to reduce the intensity of the sun and installs a drip irrigation system.  Soil is brought in from the mountains.

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Jesica with translator Luna


2018, Students build 1st Water Harvesting Tank next to Community Center to collect drinking water from roof.


2017, Gate and fence installed at Community Center


In 2016 a Community Center was built and dedicated in the name of Lenny Thennes.


2016, Immediately upon learning that children were arriving at school hungry, Vice President & Translator, Luna, initiated our breakfast program to provide a nutritious, hot meal every day at school.


2015, Delia, our first college graduate, #1 in her class.


2014, Construction of Dome Home made with sandbags for family with 3 students in school.


2013, Home repairs is part of every visit, every year.  For $300 they can replace roofs or install windows and doors.


2012, Roof installed over outdoor assembly area at school.


2011, Build a Dream receives Federal 501 (c) (3) Certification.


2011, Water brought to the school and celebration as cistern is filled from new water pipe.


2010, Christmas show as students take 1st place in competition.


2009, Desperate need for water.


2008, Our first visit to Emiliano Zapata Middle School.


2004 to 2005, Completing Claudia's home in Matehuala, Mexico.


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