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By stepping in and providing scholarship support for the kids to stay in school we can break this poverty cycle and have partnered with a very special middle school that is doing just that.  It was started by two outstanding teachers both with doctorate degrees who could teach elsewhere for more money but felt “called to teach where the need is the greatest.” And teach they did with love and discipline this school has scored #1 in their state in academics for 10 years in a row and twice they have been 1st in the entire country of Mexico out of over 33,000 schools!

Due to our small size we can guarantee that 100% of your tax-deductible donation will go directly to the children of El Vaquero.
Our volunteers cover all overhead and their own travel expenses

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After they graduate from middle school, we continue to help the students with assistance in high school and college.  What started in 2008 by helping one child has now expanded to help 50, 23 in middle school, 18 in high school and 9 in college.  The program is succeeding beyond our wildest dreams as the students study hard and stay in school.  We have already had 3 college graduates, all with full time jobs in their professions and all now helping others as they have been helped.

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The Mexican government has taken notice of the success at this small school and has been sending bus loads of teachers to El Vaquero to learn why this program is so successful.  How can a tiny school with no support staff, no heat or air conditioning, no custodian, office equipment or even a telephone be turning out the best students in the country?  And without school busses some students walk up to 2 hours just to get to and from school.  This program may revolutionize the way Mexico looks at its education system.  And our schools in the U.S. could learn much about what is really necessary to provide a good education.

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Our work is also having a profound effect on the teachers.  Religion is not part of the school curriculum but the teachers and students are seeing and feeling our love for them as a gift from God.  The teachers have asked for information about the churches we attend and our personal faith statements as they try to understand the workings of a God they want to know on a more personal basis.  Having seen us stay by their sides with constant love and support over the years they are being deeply touched and we are blessed to be the instruments of a loving God.